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Medium to me, is finding people in the desert and sharing my bubble in an open landscape

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

“We have spent the last five years proving that there are pyramids in Bosnia. But we do not intend spending the next hundred years trying to convince everyone. We simply had to move on.” — Semir Osmanagić

Semir Osmanagić, also known as Sam Osmanagich, was born on June 1st 1960 in Zenica, Bosnia. On the internet he is truly a controversial and widely defamed figure, being giving titles like “pseudo archaeologist” and “a business-man with no scientific background”.

What new theories might do to geopolitics

The City of David seen below the old city walls, to the far left. Photo by Eran Menashri on Unsplash

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

Yazidis dying on their sacred mountain

A bridal photo session by some ruins in Sinjar. Photo by Azhar Al-Rubaie on Unsplash

The Yazidis

This is where I was first introduced to the…

Medium is a love-hatred relationship

Image by Виктория Аникина on Pixabay

Quora was a disaster

I spent about a year writing everything on my mind on Quora, in several languages. I had about 10 000 reads in one language. And then my account got censored in all languages. It was censored in a very…

If it does— I think I have it

Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

Conversations are being kept short

Photo by Chris Henry on Unsplash

Human limbs can now grow back

Salamanders can easily regrow a lost limb (Photo by Etienne Assenheimer on Unsplash)

The way things are going

Image by Toni Koraza on Unsplash


A wise man said that “To ask the government to report on inflation, is like asking the Mafia to report on crime.” You…

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Busy mum, blogger and musician, trying to thrive in Scandinavia. I write about freedom, history, nature, hypocrisy and anything that tickles my mind.

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