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I’m not your typical Scandinavian. Never have been. I’d choose freedom over security any day of the week.

I might rant at times. But I also really love life, and I have so much to be grateful for. Born and raised in Norway, I’ve also lived for many years in Sweden and Finland. I’ve worked a few years in the Middle East, and traveled the world. Now, family life keeps me busy, but my mind is constantly working. I love to learn new things.

Medium policies do not allow me to discuss everything that’s on my mind, but I enjoy…

The incredible discoveries of Semir Osmanagić

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

“We have spent the last five years proving that there are pyramids in Bosnia. But we do not intend spending the next hundred years trying to convince everyone. We simply had to move on.” — Semir Osmanagić

Semir Osmanagić, also known as Sam Osmanagich, was born on June 1st 1960 in Zenica, Bosnia. On the internet he is truly a controversial and widely defamed figure, being giving titles like “pseudo archaeologist” and “a business-man with no scientific background”.

In his country of origin, on the other hand, Semir Osmanagić is elevated as a cause…

The warship Maine and the Philippine colony

Filipino- American couple showing off their six kids. (Source: Wikipedia)

My husband came across this picture on Wikipedia, and we had to agree upon that it was a beautiful picture. It triggered my need to know more about the context, and I discovered that it’s a nice picture for several reasons, not just for being a cute family photo.

The picture is from colonial times, when the Philippines was still an American colony. The country had been a colony of the Spanish East Indies for 333 years, and this had gradually turned the Philippines into a very religious, majority Catholic country. Then the Spanish-American war broke out in April of…

The hospital madness

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

While reading an article about CBD’s beneficial effects on your brain, I started thinking of one of my own experiences. Not with CBD, but with drugs. Some years ago, I had to accompany someone with a broken finger to the Emergency Room.

Upon arrival, she was fine (considering her finger was pointing in a very unnatural direction). She was just in pain. We waited, her hand was examined, she had an x-ray. The finger was dislocated and broken.

The drugs

Pulling her finger back into place, turned out to be complicated. Four people worked on her, and she was given hospital drugs…

The sweet and the sinister

One of my gerbil families. (Photo by author)

As a student, I tried to have a gerbil farm— in my student apartment. My living-room was completely covered with terrariums in all sizes and shapes. Most of the animals and terrariums, I retrieved second hand. Some were given to me for free, from people who were stuck with a lonely animal or who discovered they didn’t want gerbils after all.

It got a little out of hand. When I had 40+ adult animals at once, and several litters on the way, it wasn’t fun any more. I wasn’t making a lot of money. I was spending all of my…


They might not be extinct after all

Photo of a Tasmanian tiger in captivity from 1933. (Source: Wikimedia commons)

I was excited to hear that there have been several reported sightings of Tasmanian tigers in the recent years. Over 7000 to be exact. This species, also called Thylacine, was declared extinct after the last known specimen died in captivity, in an Australian zoo in 1936.

There are still no DNA samples available to prove the sightings, and the Australian government has been reluctant to investigate it any further. One man, who has spotted the animals himself a couple of times, is working hard to document their existence.

The blood and gore YouTube gladly provides

Fair use of image from director Serghey Grey’s music video for Lindemann’s song “Ich hasse Kinder

On June 1st 2021, Lindemann, the lead singer from the controversial metal band “Rammstein,” published his new song and music video “Ich hasse Kinder” (I hate children) on YouTube. After just a few days, the video had over four million views. It was filmed in Moscow and has been described as a short movie of “a chainsaw massacre with a Third Reich twist under Lenin’s regime.”

Since 1950, June 1st is used by many ex-Soviet countries as ‘The International Day for Protection of Children,” following the Women’s International Democratic Federation’s congress in Moscow, that took place in 1949. …

Sharing my best writing tips

Photo by Free-photos on Pixabay

Something that’s great about Medium, is its willingness to accept writers from all over the world. If you’re brave enough to write in English when it’s your second or third language, you’re even able to participate in their Partner Program, and earn money according to the amount of reading time your articles get.

Writing in a foreign language can be challenging. You might need to put more time and effort into your articles. You are constantly competing with native English speakers, and it puts you in a disadvantaged position. But you are also very valuable to Medium for a different…


Mind-blowing animal intelligence

An elephant painting other elephants from different perspectives. (Credit: Thai Aussies YouTube channel)

When I first saw an elephant paint a picture in a video on YouTube, I was astonished! I’ve always heard that elephants are extremely intelligent and complex animals, but to discover the level of art an elephant can produce, was just unexpected.

There are plenty of photographs and videos online to document this, and in most of them, the elephants will be painting trees and other elephants. In the picture above, we can see that the elephant has managed to capture a very authentic profile of an elephant, together with a smaller elephant seen from the back. …

Improve your skills naturally

Image by Sasin Tipchai on Pixabay

Writing in English when it’s not your first language, can be challenging. You are constantly competing with native English speakers, and it puts you in a disadvantaged position. But this shouldn’t hold you back from trying. Sure, you may need to put some more time and effort into composing your piece, but you also have something unique to offer to the English-speaking community: You have perspectives and experiences from a culture, or a part of the world, that only-English speakers do not have the same access to as you do.

Your presence online enriches the English speaking platforms, and this…

Iselin Aspen

Busy mum, blogger and musician, trying to thrive in Scandinavia. I write about freedom, history, nature, hypocrisy and anything that tickles my mind.

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